The Zope community is one of the Largest and most professional open-source communities worldwide.

Getting in touch


To report a security problem, please contact the Plone Security Team via email (


Several Zope-related email lists are maintained on the Zope community list server.

Web sites and forums

The Plone community forums have a lively Zope discussion category.

All projects under the Zope umbrella are maintained under the GitHub zopefoundation organization. Each project has an issue tracker for questions, feature requests and bug reports.

IRC hosts lots of Zope and Zope products / application related IRC channels. Visit and try one of the Following channels: #zope,, #plone, #grok


News collections from different Zope related blogs, like Planet Plone and Planet Python .

The Zope Foundation

The Zope Foundation had the goal to promote, maintain, and develop the Zope platform, which it did successfully for many years. It is merging with the Plone Foundation and passed its responsibilities to the Plone Foundation in 2018.

The Plone Foundation

Our community includes the open source community of contributors to the Zope software, contributors to the documentation and web infrastructure, as well as the community of businesses and organizations that use Zope.

The Plone Foundation is the copyright holder of the Zope software and many extensions and associated software maintained in the zopefoundation GitHub organization at

For more information, visit