Reporting Bugs

The Zope developer community uses the GitHub zopefoundation organization to host all projects. Each repository has its own issue tracker for bug reports, feature requests or questions. For example, Zope developers track bugs within Zope using the Zope project on GitHub:

How to write a good bug report

Here’s how you get help most effectively:

  • Before filing a bug report, make sure you can reproduce the issue on a plain vanilla Zope installation. If you cannot, then it’s probably not a Zope bug.

  • Please provide as many details as possible, such as…

    • Zope version

    • Python version

    • Operating system

    • Full Python tracebacks if you have them

  • It’s helpful to describe bugs in terms of expected and actual outcomes, that makes it easier to follow along and reproduce it: In the Zope ZMI I was clicking on the Interfaces tab of a DTML Method, and instead of seeing the Interfaces tab I saw the following error output: …

  • If the developers need more information and follow up with questions, please make sure to answer in a timely manner, especially if the issue report is marked with the feedback required tag. If we don’t hear from you after 2-3 weeks the issue may be closed.